Our specialty
is "custom restoration". We restore these vintage appliances to your specifications. We can perform a total "frame up" rebuild of the appliance, or a partial restoration. We also sell some of our antique appliances in "as is" condition.

Our selection of antique appliances is unmatched in the southwest. We maintain over 500 vintage refrigerators and ranges. With this variety of makes and models, we are sure to be able to assist you in finding an appliance that will fulfill your desire for a vintage appliance.

Our services include a complete frame up restoration of appliances from our inventory, or we can perform a complete restoration of your appliance at our location. 

Our frame up restoration includes, but is not limited to, complete disassembling of the appliance to the frame. Install new insulation. Clean and repair each part. Replace damaged parts. Chrome where necessary. Repair porcelain chips or new porcelain. Each project is performed as a custom restoration to give a like new appearance.

Things You Need to Know:

  • The timeline for a complete restoration is 6-8 months. This time will vary depending upon the condition of the appliance and any parts needed. However, we may have an appliance in our inventory completed and ready for sale.

  • Each appliance is unique. Dimensions and features vary. We would need to know the exact cutout dimensions if your appliances are going to be built-in. It is preferable to purchase your range or refrigerator prior to designing your kitchen. The dimensions of an antique appliance varies from 20" to over 50".

  • When your antique gas range arrives, you will need a contractor who is familiar with gas stoves. Your pilots and burners will have to be adjusted and set for your area. Variations in altitude affect how gas ranges function.

  • If you have an opportunity to vacation in Tucson, we will provide a personal demonstration to educate you with all of the functions and adjustments of your vintage range. We will wrap your appliance for you to take home, or we can make shipping arrangements to any destination.



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