...and into a Big Chill retro refrigerator.

Our refrigerator is like a stylish '57 Chevy Bel Aire (only the fins are missing), for those who like to express a bit of style, uniqueness and enjoy terrific color.

This may look like your mother's icebox, but the Big Chill includes all of today's functionality, efficiency and dependability. The only thing we left off was the chisel; no defrosting required!

Built in America, our fridge is 20.9 cubic feet and comes with a stamped metal body, chrome trim, 3 easy-clean spill-proof glass shelves, a temperature management system, 2 half-width clear crisper pans, and other amenities. A water dispenser and ice maker are optional.



Exciting new Big Chill 30" gas ranges to match
with our refrigerators and dishwashers.