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Molteni: a long prestigious history
Since the early 20s, year after year, Molteni has created the best professional stoves – the dream of every great chef. Molteni: a legend born in the tradition of ancient craftsmanship, melding an extreme attention to detail with the quest for strong, noble materials.

Back in 1923, Joseph Molteni, a founder craftsman, settled in Saint-Uze, a small town in the department of Drome, the gateway to Provence. A manufacturer of “fourneaux bouilleurs”, the wood and coal stoves that were used at the same time for cooking, central heating and heating water, he was always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to great chefs. Taking into account their personality and way of working, he came up with a unique range that would suit their needs, and this is how the “fourneau ménage” became professional.

The Molteni history is comparable to that of a real star. Talent, commitment and obstinacy lead it through the heights of success to the peaks of glory. Today the symbol of the highest culinary culture, Molteni is indissolubly linked to the name of its founder, whose handicraft and wisdom in manufacturing wood stoves still lies untouched in each Molteni professional appliance.

Molteni: the gourmets’ dream
Molteni is dedicating a range of "standard" ovens to all those gourmets in whom the pursuit of flavours is a passion. The St Uze (only 115 cm wide) enjoys all the features that have made Molteni a first amongst the greatest chefs. It has a solid top for multiple cooking,two burners and an oven for creating dozens of masterpieces.

The Professionnel 120 has a solid top with temperatures ranging from 100 °C to 350 °C, an oven and two burners. It can be expanded with heated and non-heated coordinated cabinets, or with a further two burners. The 145 Professionnel Evolution has a standard configuration featuring one solid top and two burners, but can be customised with a further two burners, a deep-fryer or fry top. Other models of stoves, rotisseries, salamanders and many accessories are available in the Molteni tradition.

Molteni: the myth, the legend
Describing a Molteni is almost superfluous because, like all objects that transcend reality to become a legend in their time, it has a self-expressive language all of its own.

The great chefs know this language to perfection because it is their own; one which speaks of creativity, taste, an awareness of the perfect combination, and a meticulous attention to detail. Culinary creativity with Molteni is a uniquely satisfying experience. But not all of its strengths are based on stylish looks alone. A Molteni would not be the legend it is today, if it hadn’t been built to stand the test of time. In fact, a Molteni range will work nonstop at the highest levels of performance for years and years. Its hand-finished enamels will always shine, its cast bronze fittings will always gleam, the cooking functions will unleash all their power.

Molteni: myth and reality
The chef designs his stove in line with his preferences, his type of cooking and his specialities, by selecting his instruments from among more than a dozen families of functions. Classical ranges with judiciously orchestrated improvisations, anything can be created on a traditional stove or a simple range top.

The ergonomics, repeatedly re-thought, will help to make movements simple, the score easier to play, more assured for its players.

The cooking functions of the work top will be organized as one wishes, for power by gas or by electricity. The ovens, open bays or bays with doors, neutral or hot cupboards can be built in under the work top.

Molteni: Unique like an exclusive dish
For more than 80 years Molteni's small factory has manufactured unrivalled masterpieces, just like an artist's workshop. Molteni ranges are the ones that make Europe's and the world's great restaurants truly great. A Molteni is a product of rare beauty and modernity, despite years of history behind it.

The Molteni range in fact belongs to the past in its taste for the "hand-crafted" achieved with the precision and sartorial flair of a fashion designer, but also to the future, thanks to construction techniques still unsurpassed today.


From past to future through design innovation

The MOLTENI PODIUM by ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL was awarded the JANUS industry design prize at the 50th award ceremony, which took place on July 8th 2005 at the French Senate under the high patronage of Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic.

ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL was one of 30 industry leaders to receive the coveted prize, along with other big names such as Peugeot, Philips, Porsche, Renault and Toshiba.


During the ceremony, Anne-Marie Sargueil – President of the Institut Français de Design – and Mr Christophe Beaux – Director of Cabinet of François Loos, the Minister of Industry – gave out diplomas to all nominees.

The JANUS label goes to solutions that integrate a design-centred approach from their conception. Like Janus – the Roman god of change and transitions such as the progression of past to future – the MOLTENI PODIUM by ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL integrates tradition and quality with design and innovation.

Another motto consistently applied to the Molteni is that no two appliances are the same. This, because each one is studied and designed together with the chef who will use it, thus reflecting the chef's personal tastes and preferences.

Each project begins like a conversation between friends, a useful exchange of ideas where the chef brings all his desires and expertise into focus. The designers draft a design, which is then brought to life by the expert hands of highly skilled craftsman.

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