Monitor Top Refrigerator Conversions
Turn of the Century Ice Box Conversions
1940's & 1950's Refrigerator Conversions

Vintage Ice Boxes Unfinished For Sale

The compressors on these were charged with sulfur dioxide & ammonia gases. These gases are very dangerous when leaked into your home. We remove all this dangerous gas and manufacture a new base for a modern, energy efficient compressor to go between the back legs.

A condenser rack is mounted on the back and an access hole is drilled to install the refrigerator tubing and weld to the inside evaporative freezer. Then we change the cold control to make a safe & modern refrigerator, recharged with an R-12 blend refrigerant that can be serviced by any technician.

These are a few of our monitor tops in different sizes and models
from the 1920"s - 1940's ranging in size from 24" to 34" .

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